The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar and Hensely Designer Neha Kapur Invite AD Inside Their Los Angeles Hacienda

When The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar moved into a Nichols Canyon compound with his wife, Neha Kapur Nayyar, in late 2011, he was overwhelmed by the idea of decorating a 5,000-square-foot hacienda surrounded by jungle—or as close to jungle as one gets in Los Angeles. Just one month before moving in, the couple was married in an appropriately elaborate seven-day ceremony in India. For a city boy leaving his Hollywood bachelor pad to cohabit for the first time with his new bride (Neha, who was relocating from New Delhi), this was new and rather frightening territory. An anxious Kunal wondered, “What will we do with this space?” Fortunately, he says, “Neha being very cultured and having a very good eye, she saw this vision of the place.”

The previously long-distance couple had spent nearly a year seeing properties of all styles before being struck by the 1948 Spanish hacienda. Neha—a former Miss India and the designer behind luxury fashion line Hensely, which launched last fall exclusively on Moda Operandi—saw past the home's Baroque fountains. The façade's unique shade of pink drew her in, as did the property’s somewhat triangular shape. “In India there’s this thing called gou-mukh. It’s very auspicious if the house opens into the back like a triangle—it’s very good in Indian culture,” Neha explains. “You walked in and just felt you were in this sanctuary.”

The couple entertains weekly and has an open-door policy, quite literally. There’s a breeze blowing through the house at all times. Plus, “you don’t know who is going to show up at what time and want to eat or drink something,” says Kunal, who has played astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory since 2007 (the 11th season will premiere on September 25).



Louise Roe Takes AD Inside Her Crisp and Clean Hollywood Hills Home

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Louise Roe, who has made a career as a stylist, television host, and writer, would base her decision to leave her “fab” townhouse just off of Melrose Place in Los Angeles in the name of fashion. “I’m going to blame my closet, really,” laughs Roe, who now lives in a three-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, director Mackenzie Hunkin. “We didn’t have space for all my shoes and bags. Fashion is my job, so it’s purely for professional reasons!”

But finding a new house wasn’t as simple as looking for listings with walk-in closets and calling it a day. For one thing, Roe or Hunkin aren't fans of the modern homes that make up a considerable portion of the city’s real estate. “We wanted something with character,” she says, citing her English upbringing. After a year of searching—all while planning a wedding across the pond—they finally found the right house the day they returned from their honeymoon in Italy. “I just knew immediately, even just from the photos online and before we'd seen it, that it was the one,” says Roe.

Built in 1935, the three-bedroom Hollywood Hills house had the sense of history and tradition the couple craved. As a bonus, it offered a gorgeous outdoor area that would be perfect for entertaining and a perfect backdrop for shoots for Roe’s blog, Front Roe, as well as her popular Instagram feed. “It's got a very mature garden, which in Los Angeles you don't often find,” she says. “The houses we were looking at, they threw a few cactus into the front and called that a garden, but this one's got great flowers and fruit trees and a lovely little pathway up to the front.”