Teen Wolf's Holland Roden Takes AD Inside Her Hollywood Bungalow

Holland Roden’s house is not like the estates of some of her entertainment industry comrades—and she knows it. It doesn’t have a view of the ocean, or immaculately hand-painted wallpaper, or carefully collected antiques. In fact, she says, “it’s like a little kid’s house. It’s not overly perfect.” And while the house beside her own 1923 Spanish Colonial Revival once belonged to Judy Garland, hers was previously owned by Frank Avruch—the 1960s entertainer best known as Bozo the Clown. “Of course," she says with a laugh, "I get Bozo the Clown, and my beautiful neighbor next to me gets Judy Garland’s house.”

Dubious Hollywood pedigree aside, Roden’s home is not actually like a child’s—unless that child knew exactly what they liked, could handle a major renovation practically on her own, and had a preternatural eye for mixing original colors and textures (yellow grout on white kitchen tile with evergreen cabinets, for example). Oh, and responsibly considers factors like resale value before messing with her walls.


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AD x Holland Roden-1990.jpg